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Lighting designs

Creating lighting designs for manufacturers of luminaires, (interior-, landscaping-) architects, engineering firms, private clients, … These studies are tailored to the specific needs of the customer (brand dependant or indepentant). They are also made according to the available budget, efficiency, required lumen/m² yield, cost and difficulties of placement and aesthetics. The studies are made according to all the valid norms (such as NEN EN 12464-1-2, 1838, 12193-2008-2, type specifications, AREI, ARAB, and all other requirements) where applicable. Branches include events, sporting grounds, building construction (residential, apartment blocks, hotels, (boarding-)schools, laboratories, office buildings, shops, malls, care centers, hospitals, parking lots and garages, public roads, (recreational-, public-) parks, swimming-pools, …) and industrial sites (manufacturing lines, warehouses, offices, ...) All both in- and outdoors.